Odoo Services Module

Odoo's Services module is designed to help businesses manage their service offerings efficiently and effectively. Whether you're offering help, customer services, maintenance, or other services, Odoo provides the tools you need to streamline your operations. With features such as project management, time tracking, and invoicing


Odoo Project is a tool to manage your ongoing projects. Schedule tasks, assign activities to coworkers, and keep track of each project’s profitability.

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Odoo automatically timesheets on project/tasks upon time off requests. This allows for better overall control over the validation of timesheets, as it does not leave place for forgetfulness and questions after hours that have not been timesheeted by the employee.

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Odoo Services M​odule

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Odoo Planning allows you to plan your team’s schedule and manage shifts and resources.

Handling your team’s planning comes with specific requirements that may vary widely depending on your business needs. The following concepts were introduced in Odoo Planning to meet those needs:

Shifts are dispatched to resources, which can be either human (employees) or material (e.g., equipment). The resources are assigned roles, which allows for organization of work within the team.

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Field Service

Allowing your sales team to open onsite interventions creates a seamless experience for your customers. They can receive a quotation they first have to approve before the work even starts.


Odoo Helpdesk is a ticketing-based customer support application. Multiple teams can be configured and managed in one dashboard, each with their own pipeline for tickets submitted by customers. Pipelines are organized in customizable stages that enable teams to track, prioritize, and solve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

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