Odoo Inventory & MRP Module

Odoo's Inventory and MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) module is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline inventory management and manufacturing operations.

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Why Odoo Inventory & MRP Module

From inventory control to production planning, Odoo offers a range of tools to help businesses optimize their supply chain. With features such as real-time inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and production scheduling


Odoo Inventory is both an inventory application and a warehouse management system. The app allows users to easily manage lead times, automate replenishment, configure advanced routes, and more.

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Odoo Manufacturing provides manufacturers with tools to efficiently schedule, plan, and execute manufacturing orders. Utilize the work center control panel to manage work orders in real-time on the shop floor, enabling workers to initiate maintenance tasks, provide feedback, address quality issues, and more.​


Odoo Purchase helps keep track of purchase agreements, quotations, and purchase orders. Learn how to monitor purchase tender, automate replenishment, and follow up on your orders.

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With Odoo Barcode, users can effortlessly assign barcodes to products and product categories, facilitating inventory tracking. By integrating a barcode scanner, users can automate inventory processes by scanning barcodes.​

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Odoo Quality ensures that product quality is maintained throughout manufacturing processes and inventory movements. It allows for quality checks, automated inspection frequency, and the creation of quality alerts for any issues that may arise.​

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Odoo Maintenance helps extend the effectiveness of equipment by keeping track of maintenance requirements.

Product lifecycle management

Odoo Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers a systematic approach for testing, collaboration, and iteration of products across concept development, design, manufacturing, marketing, and post-launch support stages.

With approvals, key stakeholders can review changes before implementation.

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Odoo Repairs assists companies in creating and processing repairs for damaged products returned by customers.

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