School Security Solutions.

Provides a complete school security system with all-weather video protection, AI-powered applications, intuitive alarms, efficient entry & exit safeguards, and attendance management. Students thrive in a safe and supportive learning environment.

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What We Offer For School Security

We Offer a complete school security system. The security of schools has become a top concern for administrators and parents alike around the world. Building a safe school with minimal risks is what they are searching for.

School Solutions Overview

  1. Vehicle Entrance & Exit
  2. School Gates & Dormitories
  3. School Public Area
  4. School Perimeter
  5. Classroom
  6. School Control Room

Over than 34,000 schools in Saudi Arabia, Use security systems.

Make sure your school safe.

Vehicle Entrance & Exit

To enhance traffic flow and safety around schools during peak hours, entry and exit points are strategically placed away from the main gate. This allows for efficient vehicle authentication and monitoring to ensure a secure passage for all.

Our system provides seamless entry and exit processes by utilizing license plate verification technology to enhance access efficiency and security, as well as effectively manage temporary vehicles. Our ANPR-enabled products make it simple to access vehicle records for improved operational management.​

School Gates & Dormitories

Ensuring safe and convenient access at school gates and dormitories is essential for security and efficiency. Utilizing modern attendance solutions can streamline management tasks and cut costs.

Upgrade your access control system with touchless technology, incorporating advanced deep learning for efficient entry and attendance management. 

School Public Area

Public spaces in schools, like playgrounds and hallways, can hinder video surveillance due to lighting variations. A reliable alarm system is crucial for swift emergency response.

Our system provides advanced surveillance features for indoor and outdoor areas, ensuring quick threat detection and high-quality video monitoring for a secure educational environment.

School Perimeter

During the night, schools are often dimly lit outdoors. Security teams need to quickly identify potential threats and prevent trespassing.

We offer 24/7, all-weather, wide area, and AI-empowered perimeter protection with On-site Lighting and Sound Deterrence to safeguard students with higher security confidence.  


Conventional education hampers creativity due to outdated tools, complex instructions, and device management issues.

We offering useful teaching tools, advanced digital teaching, and central management, integrating the latest technology in touch controls, high-definition display, network communications, interactivity, and more.

School Control Room

Control rooms integrate functions with subsystems and equipment. Limited visibility and controls can increase workload for security personnel and IT, leading to maintenance issues.

provides a lightweight and unified platform, with a highly customizable UI presentation and a powerful dashboard and statistical reports to help operators quickly manage situations on-site. Daily operational efficiency is boosted via simplified monitoring, status control, incident handling, and evidence gathering.

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