Retail Security Solutions.

Provide a comprehensive solution to deter theft, vandalism, and other security threats, helping businesses minimize losses and maintain a safe environment.

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What We Offer for Retail Security

 We offers reliable video security for daily management, cutting-edge technologies and analytics can result in a well-designed in-store layout and better customer flow, which will boost your operational efficiency and revenue margins.

Store Solutions Overview

  1. Store Entrance
  2. Store Parking Lot
  3. Shopping Area
  4. Cashiers
  5. Inventory
  6. IT Rooms

Over than 73.5% in Saudi Arabia, Use security systems for their Retail Stores.

Make sure your Retail safe.

Store Entrance

Store entrances are vital for both security and marketing strategies, yet they pose certain challenges. It's crucial to be aware of potential risks, such as known shoplifters. Marketing success is dependent on accurate customer-visit data for optimization.

Maximize security, streamline operations, and enhance customer experience by utilizing video security cameras equipped with a range of intelligent features to boost business performance.

Store Parking Lot

During peak hours, the supermarket parking lots often experience congestion due to the influx of customers. It can be challenging for customers to locate a parking spot promptly

Improve traffic efficiency with a continuous entry and exit system, flexible payment methods, and a delightful shopping experience that starts with parking.

Shopping Area

Security measures are crucial for ensuring the protection of staff, customers, and assets in a reliable manner. The shopping area should be designed to attract attention and encourage customer engagement

Our services include wide-area HD video security and heat-map analysis to safeguard shopping areas and enhance shelving optimization. We also offer a variety of display products for outdoor and indoor advertising needs.


Preventing losses – Identifying and rectifying transaction errors, fraud, and theft to deter future occurrences. Enhancing customer satisfaction and service quality – Streamlining wait times and effectively resolving customer issues.

Provides AI-powered video security solutions and a centralized platform for reducing wait times, optimizing staff scheduling, improving handling of transaction disputes, and enhancing response to theft incidents.


Inventory management plays a vital role in mitigating losses and damages caused by intruders, internal theft, and various risks. Security teams must have timely detection and a robust incident response strategy

Combines AI-enabled access control, continuous HD video surveillance, simple-to-set-up intrusion alarms, and temperature deviation alerts. All consolidated into one platform for increased security measures.

IT Room

Restricted cross-application visibility and controls may cause a workload that is twice as heavy. Troublesome data search and viewing could lead to numerous inconveniences

Offers a unified, lightweight platform with customizable UI presentation and powerful dashboards and statistical reports, allowing operators to effectively manage on-site situations and enhance daily operational efficiency.

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