Odoo Finance Module

A comprehensive suite of business applications designed to streamline finance operations.

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With Odoo Finance​

businesses can efficiently manage accounting, invoicing, expenses, and more, all in one integrated platform. Odoo's finance module offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to help businesses stay organized and make informed financial decision


Odoo Accounting is a full featured accounting app. Accountant productivity is at the core of its development with features such as AI-powered invoice recognition, synchronization with your bank accounts, smart matching suggestions, etc.

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Odoo Invoicing is a standalone invoicing app to create invoices, send them to your customers, and manage payments.


There are numerous types of taxes, and their application varies greatly, depending mostly on your company’s localization. To make sure they are recorded with accuracy, Odoo’s tax engine supports all kinds of uses and computations.

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Bank & Cash Accounts

You can manage as many bank or cash accounts as needed on your database. Configuring them well allows you to have all your banking data up-to-date and ready for reconciliation with your journal entries.

In Odoo Accounting, each bank account has a dedicated journal set to post all entries in a dedicated account. Both the journal and the account are automatically created and configured whenever you add a bank account.

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Within Odoo, payments have the flexibility to be automatically linked to an invoice or bill for immediate reconciliation, or they can be kept as standalone records for future reference and utilization.
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Access powerful insights and make informed decisions with Odoo's extensive reporting tools.


Odoo Expenses streamlines the management of expenses. After an employee submits their expenses in Odoo, the expenses are reviewed by management and accounting teams. Once approved, payments can then be processed and disbursed back to the employee for reimbursement(s).

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