Odoo Human Resources Module

Odoo's Human Resources (HR) Module is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline HR Process and enhance employee management.

Why Odoo Human Resources Module

From recruitment to performance evaluation, Odoo offers a range of tools to help HR professionals effectively manage their workforce. With features such as employee onboarding, leave management, and training tracking, Odoo simplifies HR tasks and improves efficiency.


Odoo’s Attendances application functions as a time clock. Employees are able to check in and out of work using a dedicated device in kiosk mode, while users are also able to check in and out of work directly from the database. Managers can quickly see who is available at any given time, create reports to see everyone’s hours, and gain insights on which employees are working overtime, or checking out of work earlier than expected.

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Odoo Employees organizes a company’s employee records, contracts, and department.


In Odoo, the Appraisals application can be used to evaluate employee performance on a recurring basis. Managers can evaluate the performance of their employees, and also allow employees to do a self-assessment of their own. Appraisals are customizable, and can be set for any kind of schedule desired.

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Front Desk

The Odoo Frontdesk application provides a way for visitors to check in to a building or location, and alert the person they are meeting about their arrival. Additionally, they can request a pre-configured beverage to be brought to them, while they wait.


Fleet refers to a group of vehicles owned or leased by a company or organization. Fleet management involves the supervision and coordination of these vehicles to ensure they are operating efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Odoo Fleet management includes tasks such as vehicle maintenance, fuel management, driver management, and route planning.

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Odoo Payroll is used to process work entries and create payslips for employees. Payroll works in conjunction with other Odoo apps, such as EmployeesTime OffAttendances, and Planning.

The Payroll app helps ensure there are no issues or conflicts when validating work entries. It also handles country-specific localizations to ensure payslips follow local rules and taxes, and allows for salary assignments.

Time Off

Odoo’s Time Off application serves as a centralized hub for all time-off-related information. This application manages requests, balances, allocations, approvals, and reports.

Users can request time off, and see an overview of their requests and time off balances. Managers can allocate time off to individuals, teams, or the whole company, and approve time off requests.

Detailed reports can be run to see how much time off (and what kinds of time off) are being used, accrual plans can be created, and public holidays can be set.

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Odoo keeps all job applicants organized with a pre-configured series of steps and stages that each applicant goes through. Each stage has a specific step(s) that should be performed. These range from scheduling a phone call, conducting an interview, to sending a job offer, just to name a few.


Odoo’s Referrals application is a centralized place where all information regarding referrals is housed, from points earned, coworkers hired, and rewards selected. Users can recommend people they know for job positions, then earn referral points as those people progress through the recruitment pipeline. Once enough referral points are earned, they can be exchanged for prizes. The Referrals application integrates with the EmployeesRecruitment, and Website applications, all of which must be installed in order for the Referrals application to function.

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The Lunch application in Odoo allows users a convenient way to order food and pay for their meal directly from the database.

Before employees can use the Lunch application, there are a number of configurations to consider: settings, vendors, locations, products, product categories, and alerts. Once these are created, employees can view offerings and order food.

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