Shopping Mall Security.

Enhance operational efficiency and attract more customers by providing a superior shopping experience.

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What We Offer For Shopping Mall Security

Attract and satisfy a larger audience by creating more appealing stores, improving navigation, providing a better parking experience, and enhancing overall security in a proactive manner.

Shopping Mall Solutions Overview

  1. Customer Traffic Analytics
  2. Commercial Display Advertising
  3. Mall General Security
  4. Smart Parking Management

Over than 86.4% in Saudi Arabia, Use security systems for Shopping Malls.

Make sure your shopping mall safe.

Customer Traffic Analytic

Customer traffic is essential for shopping mall success. Managers seek to enhance services, evaluate tenant mix, and assess marketing activities.

By utilizing an AIoT people counting system, the shopping mall can gain valuable insights into customer traffic patterns as they move throughout the premises.

Commercial Display Advertising

When it comes to customer-focused shopping centers, the key is to grab people's interest and hold their attention.

Encourage engagement, present compelling visuals, highlight a variety of products through diverse displays.

Mall General Security

Prioritizing the safety of your customers, staff, and assets is paramount. Any incident in a shopping mall can have serious implications.

 Introduces an advanced security feature to enhance the safety of your shopping environment.

Smart Parking Management

Ensuring a convenient parking experience is key to making a great first impression on your customers. A smooth parking process can lead to happy customers, reduced traffic issues, and increased revenue.

Our modern parking solution enhances convenience for customers, establishing your mall as a premier shopping destination.

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