Flap Barriers system

Flap Barrier system to control as well as manage the manual and authorized passage through the area.

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  • Passage Width >= 550 mm
  • Throughput rate 35p/m 
  • Frequency 50-60 hz
  • Dimension excluding bars 1410*340*1005 mm
  • Temperature -25° ~ 70°
  • Operational Voltage 24 V/(dc)
  • Weight Including bars 75 Kg

Features & Benefits

  • Use IC cards, ID cards, Bar code or magnetic cards as automatic identification system and achieve access, attendance fees or function.
  • A direction indicator, showed that pedestrian access to the current status of, and guide pedestrians correct and smooth passage
  • Display has been in use for statistics and numbers
  • With voice and strobe light alerts
  • A combination of infrared sensors and police antillegal entry into pedestrian access, the protection of pedestrians smooth and the prevention of the channel following
  • Double anti-clipping function , photocell antic lipping and mechanical anti-clipping
  • Auto reset function, if no passing during identified card reading time, the system will reset automatically the passengers are prohibited to pass until their second identifies reading
  • The barrier can be set to delay closing in 1-60s after a valid card reading
image of Flap Barrier machine

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