Car Dealerships Security.

Protecting valuable inventory and ensuring the safety of employees and customers. Alert authorities in case of unauthorized access or suspicious activity, helping to prevent losses.

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What We Offer for car dealerships security

Integrates video security, commercial displays, alarm systems, and a unified platform to provide a safe, efficient and comprehensive way to manage the facilities. 

Over than 81.2% in Saudi Arabia, Use security systems for their Car Business.

Make sure your Car Business safe.

Protection for your Car Dealership Business.

  • Secure and fluid vehicle ingress and egress
  • Simplified evidence collection and detailed vehicle records
  • Boosted operational efficiency via statistics reports
  • Providing comprehensive protection against security threats.

Additional Features

- Authenticated vehicle access using ANPR or ID card

- Support for granting access remotely via video intercom

- Vehicle records and parking statistics reports

- LED display of available spaces and other parking info

Vehicle Management

  • Easy-to-retrieve vehicle records via "fuzzy" license plate match
  • Trackable charging history and reports help prevent loss and manage account payments 
  • Vehicle records
  • Parking charge and account management 
  • Statistical reports of E&E traffic, parking, and fee statuses 

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